• CamChat

  • Features & Benefits

Face-to-Face Chat

CamChat allows your visitors to engage in random one-on-one conversations with webcam / mic support.

Flash® Based App

CamChat works seamlessly on any OS and browser, requiring only the ubiquitous Flash plugin. CamChat is developed entirely with Flex, an open source framework from Adobe.

Multi-Language System New!

Translate the complete interface to your own language, using an external language file. Allow your visitors to switch between available languages real-time. Full UTF-8 and RTL (right-to-left) support.

Peer-to-Peer Video / Audio Streaming

Unlike similar applications, CamChat doesn't require any media server software, and more importantly, it doesn't consume your bandwidth, thanks to the latest peer-to-peer technology (RTMFP).

Runs on Any Hosting

CamChat doesn't require expensive or unreliable media server software like FMS, Red5 or Wowza for video/audio streaming. All it needs is PHP and MySQL.

Minimum Bandwidth Usage

CamChat leverages the latest Flash peer-to-peer technology. The audio and video data, which makes for the major part of the data exchanged, is transmitted directly between the two Flash Player instances involved in a chat session.

Integrate into Any Script or Webpage

You can fully customize the PHP backend in order to integrate the app into your script or website, or you can convert it to Ruby, ASP.NET or any other server side technology. You can even make it a Facebook application!

User-friendly Features

CamChat aims to provide the best user experience possible, so we've implemented features like "Your Gender", "Looking for gender", "Clear conversation history" or "Auto-find".