• CamChat

  • Server Requirements

PHP and MySQL. Period. Simple as that!

CamChat does not rely on any specific web server technology. You do not need expensive or unreliable media server software like FMS, Red5 or Wowza.

CamChat works with every standard web server, that supports PHP and MySQL. There are no additional requirements.In essence, CamChat works with every web hosting service out there, as PHP and MySQL pretty much are a standard stack these days.

As the entire multi-media stream (audio and video) is routed directly from your Flash player to the other party's Flash player and does not traverse your servers, thanks to the latest Adobe peer-to-peer RTMFP technology, your bandwidth consumption is almost zero.

Client Side Requirements

CamChat works seamlessly on any OS and browser, requiring only the ubiquitous Flash Player 10.

The new communication protocol used in our application, RTMFP, is built on top of UDP, which enables direct connection between clients even if they are located behind NATs or firewalls. In order for RTMFP to work, your firewall must be configured to allow outgoing UDP traffic. While this is the case with most consumer or small office/home office (SOHO) firewalls, many corporate firewalls block UDP traffic altogether. Even if your firewall enables outgoing UDP traffic, it is possible that end-to-end peering cannot be established due to a combination of firewalls. When one endpoint is located behind a so-called "symmetric firewall," end-to-end communications may not be possible. This is why a very small number of users may experience troubles connecting or being connected by someone else in the chat. Please note that this limitation is caused by Adobe's RTMFP technology, and cannot be considered a bug in our application. For more details please read Adobe's Benefits of RTMFP article.